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Apple's iOS


Native and web apps built for the devices that define mobile categories

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Native and web apps specialized for the fastest growing operating system on the planet

The Internet

The Open Web

Custom sites, blogs, online stores viewable on any device with a browser

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Gaming for kids and adults available on mobile devices, desktops and consoles

Our clients. Oh how much we appreciate them.

Web & Mobile Solutions started by making on-site workflow apps for major government agencies. We then moved to making enterprise business apps for large and small clients. Recently we started making consumer apps and websites for individuals and small companies.

Our Clients

Our portfolio. Constantly growing.

Most of our work is classified and kept in house with businesses but more recently we have some publically available apps and websites and other apps on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. We're confident we can make your dream into a real product.

Release Form Apps
Release Form Apps

Legal Signature and Release Apps

Wells Fargo and AIG/All Blacks did not want to deal with a pile of paperwork to file and sort and decided it was time to turn their release forms for their conference experiences into a quick and easy tech experience. If you want to turn your paperwork into something you can easily manage and parse the data from then we can help you.

Trivia Apps

Mutliplayer Trivia Apps

Pfizer needed an app for a contest they were doing at conferences across the country and wanted to make it fun for people to participate. Their idea to make a real-time, live action bluetooth enabled iPad trivia game was a great choice.

CMS Apps

Content Management System Apps

A weekend project - LetsMakeAList - is a quick and dirty app that lets you create a public list that others can add items to and vote their favorite items to the top. Visit letsmakealist.com to make a list without a need to sign up!

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes and Deployment

Pepsi has an existing app that they felt needed some bug fixes and tweaking before an upcoming conference. We got it done for them with plenty of time to spare.

Subscription Apps

Subscription Utility Apps

1800 Stencil is going above and beyond to help their parking lot striping clients. By creating Stripe Quote they are able to form a monthly subscription service for parking lot stripers where they can move many aspects of their business online and improve efficiency while enjoying great perks. Visit Stripe Quote to learn more!

Shopping/Office Apps

Shopping/Office Apps

The creators of DentalNow came to us looking for a special app to use on iPods in all of their dental offices to quickly authenticate their special program members.

Consumer Web

Consumer Web Apps

Share your opinion with the world through Opdrop. This unique online startup allows users to connect with each other based on their interests in an unlimited amount of topics. The site is currently being reworked.

Business Apps

Business Apps

Insurance agents can easily manage the most important parts of their business with this all-in-one experience. Compare referral sources, turn those referrals into clients, calculate your commission and more with Agent Toolbox.

Social Networking

Social Networking

A messaging app that has become the family social network, Mood lets you easily share what you are in the mood to do. Add a picture and get a response from loved ones makes this app fun and personal.

Gaming/Party Apps

Gaming Apps

A cerebral party game, Analogy asks you to fill in the blank of this is to this like that is to that. This game is sure to get a reaction at your next get-together.

Real Time Apps

Real Time Apps

Encounter throws out convention when it comes to telling brands, businesses and your friends what you think. Encounter new things and have fun doing it. Coming Soon.

Productivity Apps

Productivity Apps

Quickly track your work hours with Hour Master. No need to clock in and clock out. Perfect for freelancers, contractors, and time nuts this app is the easy way to never forget to log your time.

Government Apps

Top Secret Apps

We have top secret clearance and have built classified apps. We can take the same care and ethics on your projects as we have with our previous clients.

Our prices. Woah, who approved these numbers?

We can inexpensively build you a small website, blog or online store, we can also form a long term partnership to support your mobile or web application long term. Let us know what you would like to build or maintain and we can make it happen.

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